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The Hollywood Stars biography 

In 1973, impresario and well-known Hollywood figure, Kim Fowley, brought the original band together: Mark Anthony (guitar and vocals), Ruben de Fuentes (lead guitar), Scott Phares (vocals), Terry Rae (drums and vocals), and Gary van Dyke (bass). Late 1973, Kim brought all of the record companies in LA and every street urchin he could find to hear the band’s debut at Studio Instrument Rentals. In December, the band made the first of many appearances at the Whisky A-go-go. Soon, Gary was replaced by a new bass player, Kevin Barnhill. 

Early in 1974, the band signed with Columbia Records and recorded their first album with Eagles’ producer, Bill Szymczyk. The album was released in 2013 on Last Summer Records entitled, “Shine Like A Radio.”

Kim Fowley got two of the songs covered by two major artists. “Escape” was covered by Alice Cooper on the “Welcome to my Nightmare” LP, and “King of the Nighttime World” was covered by Kiss on their “Destroyer” LP.

Later, the band reformed with Mark, Ruben, Terry, and two new members, Bobby Dryer (drums) and Michael Rummans (bass and vocals). They recorded an LP for Arista produced by David Bowie’s producer, Harry Maslin. The LP was released in 1977 along with their single, “All the Kids in the Street.”  Soon after, the band toured with the Kinks.

In 2014, the band got together with the four remaining original members, Ruben, Terry, Scott and Gary for a music video of “King of the Nighttime World.” In 2017, a 45 of “King of the Nighttime World” backed with “Habits” and “Too Hot To Handle” The single is unique in that both versions of the band are represented and two of the tracks had never been released before.

In 2018 Ruben invited Terry, Scott, Michael and a new member Chez Monroe (guitar and vocals) to join him in reuniting and doing live shows. After about an year Michael Rummans was replaced by John Schayer. In 2021 Ruben, Chezz, Scott, Terry and John recorded four singles for an EP at Kitten Robot studios in Los Angeles produced by Paul Rossler. 


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